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As the premier radon company, we are passionate about installing the best quality radon mitigation system in the state of Colorado.  All of our systems are designed to exceed the EPA standards whether it be the materials we use or the workmanship and design of the system.  Our company was founded by the top radon technitians around. Our mission is to provide the customer with a top-quality mitigation system at an affordable price.  Our up front and honest approach are to disclose all of our terms and conditions on our quotes.  Setting us ahead of our competitors. We are changing the Radon world in Colorado as it currently is. 


What Randon Hunter Offers With Full System Install

  • We guarantee to get radon levels to below 4pci

  • Usage of Schedule 40 pvc pipe from the suction point to the fan

  • Usage of Radon Away Fans

  • Usage of cosmetic downspout for the above fan exhaust pipe

  • Full disclosure of terms and conditions on quote

  • Licensed. NRPP Certified and insured

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We Install and Relace Sump Pumps!!

See our System Quality Page for information on what to look for in a Quality Radon Mitigation System

We offer our best-in-class services throughout the Denver metro and and Colorado Springs areas, so you do not have to worry about is there a quality installer near me.

Call for your free consultation today!!!

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